Sunday, October 11, 2009

Images of Antigua

Pat and I are back in Suchitoto after four days of vacation in Antigua, and here are the photos (Pat's) to prove it. She photographed a woman washing clothes in the Tanque Grande (I think I remember the name correctly), a group of schoolgirls on their way home, and young musicians tuning up in the ruins of La Merced - good images of the people who live in this beautiful and historic city. And in the bottom photo Pat captured the feel of rainstorms here, the kind of storm that soaks you to the skin in one minute.

Yesterday I picked up Margaret Jane at the airport, back from New Jersey. And today the three of us celebrated my birthday with Argentinian grill at La Casa de Escultor, a home and sculpture studio on weekdays that Miguel and Margarita Martino convert into a restaurant on Sundays. The food was glorious - my inner carnivore is very happy.

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