Saturday, October 17, 2009

Between here and there

I am back in my room at St. Mary's in Bellevue, here for our Autumn Assembly, our first gathering with the new Congregation Leadership Team, and here for meetings in PeaceHealth, for visits with family and friends. It's been such a joy to spend the day with community, getting hugs and exchanging news, and I realized again, as I do every time I'm immersed in this community, what a blessing it is to be part of this grand extended family.

In our conversations, I found myself talking about Salvador - of course - and about family in El Salvador, such a basic and unquestionable reality of life there. My North American/UK based community of sisters and associates, of friends, is something very different, and yet it gives me a connection to the life of la familia that I treasure. We worked hard today, looking together at this new time in our history and what it means, challenging ourselves to live up our commitments to care of creation and to nonviolence. And then we had great fun, and were joy for each other. In the light of that joy, all commitments are possible.

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