Saturday, August 8, 2009

Up the MacKenzie River

On Thursday afternoon we were treated to a memorable trip up the MacKenzie River with the Garcia family - Kathy, our PazSalud program manager, her husband Victor and their daughter Andrea. It was raining, but after all, this is the Northwest, and the rain felt familiar, gentle and cool - wholly unlike rain in El Salvador. We stopped at a fish hatchery to see a pond full of lucky rainbow trout - the ones who got chosen to live their lives in this pond free from anglers - and enormous sturgeon. Then the road wound up through forests of Douglas fir, hemlock and cedar until we reached the beautiful Sahalie falls, where the MacKenzie crashes over rock. And on the way back, we stopped at a roadside inn for pizza. I should probably mention that Kathy Garcia and I did spend the morning working hard on our program, but I know that this afternoon in the mountains was a special treat for the other Kathy - my sister - and me.

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