Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lost in customs

On Monday night Kathy Garcia and Ken Henderson flew in from Seattle to the San Salvador airport. Kathy is our PazSalud program manager and Ken, a retired optometrist, passionate sailor and Lions Club member, has been the driving power behind our eye clinics. They're here for a week that will include selection of the site for our February, 2010 general medical mission and the presentation of an A-Scan machine to San Rafael Hospital by the Bellingham and Salvadoran Lions Clubs. At least we hope the week will include that presentation, but right now the A-Scan and other medical donations for our missions are stuck in customs, yet once again. The Salvadoran Lions are working hard to get the donations released in time for a Friday ceremony.

Meanwhile we have been sorting through the tubs of equipment for the medical mission and then, today, we heard of the death of Senator Edward Kennedy and followed the stories of his life on CNN-EspaƱol and through the NY Times on-line. It seems particularly sad that he will not be in the Senate to prod and cajole passage of the health care bills. I hope his death will give new urgency to the need for passing a good and durable health care bill.

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