Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ready to go

Hard to believe, but this is the last time I'm going to be responsible for one of our PazSalud missions.  I hope to be part of many more, but I'm passing the responsibility, very joyfully, to Darren Streff.  Today's the day our team arrives at the airport (at 7:45 pm) and I'm feeling like everything really is ready:

  • We have our franquicia, the most important piece of paper, that allows us to bring in the medications and supplies without paying customs.  We also had an extra bit of drama - which almost seems inevitable - when we discovered at the end of our first time through the process that the group we were working with didn't have the right kind of license to support a franquicia.  Thankfully, our friends at the Archdiocese came to the rescue, and our amazing customs manager, José Manuel Gonzalez, got the papers through their second round in record time.
  • We have piles of tubs, a tower of water bottles, boxes of heavy instruments, snack food, fans, wood tables made by Mitch Costin for our optometric equipment, plastic shelving, etcetera ready to be loaded on the truck in a few minutes.
  • And I have washed and ironed the necessary shirts and pants, showered, packed my bag.  As soon as this is posted, I'll put the computer in its travelling bag.
  • But more important than any of this, we have a great group of patients waiting for their surgeries, and a great team coming to offer them.  
May it be a week of good work, good health, new friendships and great joy!

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