Thursday, February 28, 2013

A grand week

Our mission team loved their long, hot, busy, happy and productive week of medical and eye clinics in Estanzuelas.  We saw 1467 Estanzuelans, most for two or more clinics.  Our providers prescribed for those who needed medications - and everyone went away with vitamins and a toothbrush, at minimum.  We referred many patients for specialty treatment or diagnosis within the National Health System.  We signed up our full list for cataract or pterygium surgeries in April in the Hospital Nacional at Santiago de Maria.  More than 100 families are being invited to our capacitation session for receiving a water filter. 

But most of all, we carried away with us bright memories of faces and voices, people who touched our hearts, smiling or howling children, beautiful seniors, hardworking men and women.  

Here are a few images from the week, bright memories:
Sister Beth and interpreter Lea worked at getting just the right glasses for this patient.
Schellie was kept very busy with ear cleanings; a speech therapist, she's had expert training in ear lavage, and we used her skill to the full.
Interpreter Rita, Dr. Gulrukh and nurse Julie focused on this beautiful woman.
Dra. Jakellyne Jimenez, Director of the Estanzuelas Unidad de Salud (medical clinic) was our gracious hostess.
Marvin Hernandez (standing, center) coordinated all the local volunteers and kept everything running smoothly.  He's a superb organizer and a great leader - it was a delight to work with him.
Fatima and Wendy, two of the scholarship students who were our local volunteers, brought their intelligence and cheerfulness to every task.
Rosa and Hernan, two Salvadoran members of our team.  Rosa explains the eye surgery process to prospective patients, and Hernan drives us safely wherever we need to go.
And finally, here's the new Health Mission leadership team - Kathy Garcia and Darren Streff.  I am so happy to be turning over the work of in-country coordination to Darren, though I plan to continue to be involved.  Can't imagine better guides for this work! 

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