Sunday, April 29, 2012

Surgery week

Our eye surgery week always brings us into the company of miracles.  It's good hard scientific medical work as our surgeons (Judith Newman and Tony Pisacano), scrub nurses (Sally Nelson and Rosy Melara) and circulator (Sarita Angulo) follow the protocols of any good surgery, maintaining the sterility of the surgical field, having all needed materials on hand and identified, creating an orderly pattern from first incision to closing.  There they are above, hard at work, gowned and gloved, standing over invisible patients.

But we know there's more to it when the patients come in the next day for their first post-op exam and are full of joy and gratitude at the gift of sight.  One woman said to Judith, "You have beautiful hands.  Thank you for using them to let me see again."  It's a joyful moment when the bandages come off.
In this photo one of our patients is testing her new vision while Selene Richardson, Tony, and Steve Scruggs delight in the moment.  There are few privileges greater than participating in a miracle like this one.

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