Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I am taking the usual motley variety back with me to El Salvador:
eyeglasses for people from our February medical mission who needed special prescriptions;
a wheelchair for a 9-year old boy with muscular dystrophy;
a netbook computer for one of the students on scholarship;
candy for friends and neighbors;
and things I can't get in El Salvador like
almond butter;
organic oatmeal;
Ricola cough drops;
cinnamon chewing gum;
Trader Joe's pop-up sponges -
all held together with odds and ends of clothing, various toiletries, some medications and a book or two.
I'll be meeting Patti Moore at the airport - she's flying down with me and is going to spend a few weeks in Suchitoto studying Spanish and hanging out.  I'm looking forward to the company and to being back in the heat.  But I'll miss the beautiful Northwest and my sister and my Sisters (and Associates and friends and colleagues). 

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