Sunday, January 15, 2012

Grace note

The little bathroom that I use - really a toilet and shower enclosure, about 3 by 4 feet - was getting grubbier and grubbier last year, so I asked my landlord about the possibility of tiling it.  The work was done in November, and I've been enjoying the results ever since. 

I never met the man who did the tile work, but he left behind something I cherish.  Along with a couple of broken tiles and a small group of unused tiles, there was this tile, which he'd cut and shaped:

It's a bird or a palm tree, a few minutes of relaxation, a gift, a grace note.  It comes from a culture where the work of hands is still valued and honored.  Gracias.

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  1. Hi Susan--beautiful gift. It brings to mind the block print I found in Assissi, of St Francis with his head thrown back, arms lifted to the sky. Palm tree? Bird? St Francis? Eye of the beholder. :) Miss you, think of you often, always with a smile. Be well.