Wednesday, November 30, 2011

La Vida Llena, La Casa Llena

My life here is full of comings and goings.  Margaret Jane goes home to New Jersey this Saturday, a week earlier than she had planned, to help her sister Roberta recover from hip surgery.  Walther arrived today, a guest for a few weeks as he finishes his classes.  Life in his home community got too dangerous, and we're happy to offer him a safe place here.  Hilda will arrive tomorrow for a few days - she has been to Suchitoto often, working with La Concertaci√≥n de Mujeres in her development work with Mary's Pence.  She usually stays with Peggy, but Peggy's house is full, so we get to enjoy her.  Andrea Nenzel and her sister Judith will be coming at the end of December.

There's something wonderful about having all the bedrooms full, about giving this house a little more company - we surely have the room!  La vida llena, a full life, a full house. 

And one more wonderful thing: it was actually cold, well chilly, this morning - probably about 65.  Everyone's wearing sweaters and caps to protect them from that dangerous cold air.  And the norteamericanas are enjoying it thoroughly.

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  1. Casa llena, corazon contento. :)

    It was 31F when I went out to scrape my car window this morning. I thought of you guys in Suchi. (One of my fb friends has been posting about how COOOLD it is there these days. It brought a smile to my face and warmed the work to think of you all.)

    Say hello to Hilda from me. It was always fun to have her come through the Center.