Friday, July 8, 2011

Noise and silence

Apologies for the blog's only because I've been in the United States - in Bellevue, Washington - since early June, so I haven't had much fresh info about El Salvador to post. Strange things have been happening there: a big constitutional crisis has heated up with the legislature passing a law to require the judges of the country's Constitutional Court to be unanimous in any decision about the constitutionality of a law (many recent votes of this five person court have been 4-1 decisions), and there's been a strong popular protest. The court, perhaps predictably, declared the law unconstitutional. You can read about it in Tim's El Salvador blog, but it's pretty hard to understand the dynamics at a distance (like someone in El Salvador trying to understand the current dynamics around the debt ceiling crisis in the United States).

Meanwhile, blessedly, my own health crisis has been resolved with great medical skill and lots of prayer. I am able to enjoy long walks for the first time in six months - what a joy! - and I will be heading back to El Salvador on July 25th, most thankfully. Perhaps I will find someone there who can help me understand the constitutional crisis.

And also, meanwhile: I've been assembling photos from the last year for our PazSalud calendar selection, and here's a favorite from the May eye surgery mission - left to right, Dr. George Sesson, our optometrist; a happy patient; Dr. Tony Pisacano, our ophthalmologist, and Dra. Silvia Pleitez, our circulator.

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  1. susan last year my litle son fell sick whit vomit and he was deshidrated..i could pay a private hospital, but God send me to hospital San son and me were touched by the necesity ..not material necesity..i mean the soul necesity..and i made a promise...( IM CRYING RIGHT NOW) go to the hospital Bloom or San Rafael.. to help this wonderful mothers. and i ask to my lord give me health and finish with the care of my family ...and have time to give my care to another people...i will be in touch to you to guide me to get it...GOD BLESS YOU EVERY DAY OF YOUR WONDERFUL LIFE