Thursday, June 9, 2011

rhodys and rabbits

A little rabbit colony has found St. Mary-on-the-Lake - a very natural locale for them, except for the bald eagles that often sit at the tops of our trees and warble their strange cries while - no doubt - looking around for the odd rabbit. I hear there's a coyote in the park that's almost next door. But meanwhile the rabbits are roaming around, the rhododendrons are in glorious bloom, and it's OK if the sun is not shining that often - it's still a paradise here!

Strange to think that this is equally a blooming time in El Salvador, though now that the daily rains are well established most of the blooms will be swept down the drains.


  1. My dad and I were just noting how many rabbits there are around here these days. But like you said, it's great for the bald eagles. In the area of the Mississippi River valley closest to our house - maybe a two-mile stretch up and down the river - we have at least three separate pairs of eagles! It's really exciting. (So bring on the rabbits!) :)