Friday, May 13, 2011

Yesterday, Tomorrow

Yesterday... I almost forgot to post a photo of my friends from Agua Escondida (hidden water - it's the name of a colonia of San Juan Opico) who came for lunch on Sunday and treated me to an amazing concert. I met this great group in 2010, when we had our general medical mission in San Juan Opico. Carmen and Chita, the two singers (their friend Toño is singing with them in the photo), were volunteers during the mission, and the group sang to welcome us and bid us farewell. They've been singing together for 25 years, and sing many of their own songs - Chita has quite a collection of lyrics for any occasion. The instruments and music are traditionally Salvadoran with a lot of punch - I hope to post a video someday when I don't have a mission group coming tomorrow. The three instruments in this photo are, left to right, the requinto, which is tuned higher than a guitar and plays melody; the bijuela, a small guitar, and the bajo, or bass; the two guitars are out of the photo on the right.

Tomorrow, well tomorrow the surgery mission team arrives at the airport at 7:45pm. I didn't iron 10 shirts this time, it's too hot; instead I chose all my iron-free tops, and ironed 3. But still, I'm ready. Primero Dios, may this coming week be a blessing for many.

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