Tuesday, February 1, 2011


It's only Tuesday, the PazSalud volunteers don't arrive until late Saturday evening, and I am in a most uncharacteristic state of having almost everything ready. Our franquisia, customs permission, is in hand and copied. Snacks and soft drinks and coffee and water are sitting in our bodega (storeroom). I've met with our local volunteers and with the women who'll be cooking our lunches, I've talked to the retreat house where we'll be staying the first six nights and the hotel where we'll spend the weekend. I've checked in with the San Rafael Cedros health clinic and with the police and with the Mayor's office.

My to-do list, impressive last week, just has a couple of things left for each day this week. I still do have to print some forms, iron shirts, pack my bag.

I was so delighted to be this close to ready that I celebrated this afternoon with a cooking orgy - made a bean soup with roasted vegetables, roasted red pepper salsa, and a ginger/garlic/honey tea I've been brewing to keep my throat and lungs happy. The house smells amazing. And I'm ready for a week of the best hard work in the best company possible.

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