Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New works at Centro Arte

The events and openings at the Centro Arte para la Paz this year have been breathtaking - first the beautiful new museum in one wing of the old school, then the skateboard park, the landscaping of the outer grounds, two beautiful new entry gates, the exercise pavilion....and now! Just a few days ago, two relatively recent classrooms that stood on one side of the chapel were demolished, and now the foundations are being dug for a new combination of facilities: a large meeting room, dining room, kitchen, storage area, and two apartments for visitors.

For those who know the Centro Arte, the hostel is in the background of this photo, which looks across the courtyard toward Sister Peggy's house (now painted blue). And you can see a few of the men digging away, happy to be having this great building project to work on.

Peggy is, of course, already planning the next project. And given what I've experienced so far at the Centro Arte para la Paz, I expect it will happen ahead of schedule.

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