Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Halloween isn't quite the event here that it is in the U.S. - no trick and treaters here, and people aren't going around in costume. But the sports bar behind our house, which has turned into a disco, is certainly having a noisy party tonight as is the other disco in town. All Saints Day and All Souls Day are much more important here - All Souls is a national holiday, the day when everyone goes to clean and decorate the family graves.

I marked Halloween most appropriately, by watching a local futbol (soccer) team, named - why I don't know - New Place San José - get ready for a game in their gorgeous orange jerseys, recycled from the Everett Evergreen by Ellen Hawks. Ellen is a dental hygienist who cleans my teeth twice a year, and she's also President of a soccer league. So when their coach Alcides (back row, left) asked me if I knew anyone who might help his team get jerseys, I knew just where to go. The sixteen jerseys Ellen donated from the league have now become official good luck charms: before they began wearing them, New Place had lost 5 games. They've had two games in their orange jerseys and won them both. And don't they look great?

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  1. Hello Susan!
    I had 'commented' a while back about coming to Salvador for the Churchwomen's Anniversary. Well it looks like its going to happen, and to make the world even smaller, my travel companion( and fellow Jesuit Volunteer) knows Sr. Peggy. So it looks like I will make my way to your neck of the woods after all. feel free to email me back at rather than recommenting.

    I'd love to meet up with you!