Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A little night music

Recently the ex-theater behind our house has turned into a sports bar, with very loud music sometimes playing long into the night (though, happily, not most nights). We're contemplating purchasing some ear protectors to help us get through those nights. I thought at one point, "this is what comes of having no zoning." But then I had to admit that if Suchitoto was zoned, our house - across the street from the market, around the corner from the ex-theater - would be in the commercial zone.

It was all the more delightful last night to go to a concert of Latino music at the Centro Arte para la Paz, where five generous and talented performers, Fabiola, Osiris, Diana, Anna and Eduardo - from Peru, El Salvador, the U.S., Germany and El Salvador - held us enthralled with tender ballads and a beautiful blending of Osiris' guitar with Ana's cello improvisations. Part of the delight was walking the five blocks to the Centro by lamplight and walking home again in the tropical dark, humming. A little night music.

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  1. The concert sounds lovely! But for the sports bar, ah, "The Sound of Silence"...