Monday, January 5, 2009

Photos from Guatemala

Three photos from Guatemala: Above, a mural in the garden of the Franciscan church in Antigua shows a Mayan woman and child, Santo Hermano Pedro, Saint Francis and a Mayan man around a painted cascade that leads to the real fountain. The legend says, "Mother Earth is a gift of God for all: take care of her and share here as brothers. Below, on the left the Directora of the Clinica Maya, the indigenous medicine clinic at Clinica Maxeña, shows us the tres puntas plant, which has worked very well to bring down high blood sugar levels for diabetics. On the right - not a very good photo, but it shows all four of us, Susan, Andrea, Sheila and Beth, under the big Ceiba tree that was planted as a stick forty years ago at Sheila's Clinica Maxeña in Santo Tomas.

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